AC Hydraulic Pit Jack

Heavy duty jacking beam made to fit inspection pits or commercial vehicle lifts. Options for mechanical safety locks.

Available with twin and single ram
Made to fit any lift/pit
6T/10T/15T/20T lifting capacity

AC Hydraulic Air Jack

AC Hydraulic Air jack with options for extra low profile and higher lifting height for agriculture. 

Hard chromium plated ram for long life
Designed for heavy-duty, intensive commercial use
25T to 65T Lifting capacity

AC Hydraulic Floor Pit Jack

AC Hydraulic floor pit jack with telescopic cylinder,  Flexible pit jack for use both in pits and under vehicle lifts.

Ideal for dismounting and re-mounting of gearboxes  
Suitable for all traditional lifting jobs
15T Lifting capacity

Axle Stands

Axle stands suitable for all jobs and for supporting a vehicle after lifting.

Suitable for all vehicles
User Friendly quick adjustment
Up to 16T lifting capacity

AC Hydraulic Press

Electro-hydraulic press suitable for heavy duty workshops.

Electro-hydraulic 2-stage pump
Removable ram end cap for mounting of various piston heads
Pressure up to 100T

AC Hydraulic Wheel Trolley

Wheel service trolley suitable for lorries, trucks, busses & agriculture.

Easy handling of the largest wheels in the world
A simple switch makes expansion or retraction of the jaws very easy
The wheel can be secured with a ratchet strap for maximum safety