Ravaglioli KPX35EV

The electromechanical 2-post lift KPX35EV is the ideal solution for whoever wants to set up a universal work bay. The innovative low-profile arms with rotating terminal offer incredibly flexible use, making the lift suitable for lifting all types of vehicles

Low profile and rotating arms perfect for Electric Vehicles
High quality Bronze nut with automatic lubrication, available with energy kit
3500KG lifting capacity

Ravaglioli KPX32/KPX35

Coming from the design on the 337 the Legend series is the new lifting solution from Ravaglioli it  has been designed to lift from microcars to long wheel base sedan.

Tested for 20000 cycles, ASYMMETRICAL design for easy lifting and opening doors. 
Electronic synchronization & acoustic toe trap. Available with Low profile arms for sports cars.
3200KG/3500KG lifting capacity

Ravaglioli KPX35LLE

Lift for luxury sport cars. Equipped with 4 long two stage low profile arms for easy positionning under low ground clearance vehicles. Minimum height of the pads 83 mm.

Super low profile, long arms for sports cars
Wide design to fit all types of luxury cars
3500KG lifting capacity

Ravaglioli KPX42/LIK

Emerging from the bestselling 2-post lifts, the Legend Series consolidates the engineering knowledge of Ravaglioli and shapes it into an innovative package.

Lift suitable for cars and vans. Available with long arms.
LIK arms made for lifting long wheel base vans
4200KG lifting capacity 

Ravaglioli KPS32

The exclusive RAV lift with self supporting base, makes installation possible where floor is poor with it's H Frame design.

Three stage arms for cars and 4 x 4's
high quality self lubricating bronze nut with acoustic toe trap alarms
3200KG lifting capacity 

Ravaglioli KPC32

3.2 t, electromechanical 2 post lift, space-saving base, symmetrical posts, asymmetrical support arms, 2-stage long arms, 3-stage short arms

Three stage short arms provide asymmetric lifting of off-road and large vehicles
high quality self lubricating bronze nut with acoustic toe trap alarms
3200KG lifting capacity

Ravaglioli KPN255LIKTA

Two post lift  equipped with four long arms: ideal to lift long wheel-base vans and easy lifting of cars.

The geometry of the arms was designed to lift long-wheelbase commercial vehicles and vans  
Automatic nut lubrication system 
5500KG lifting capacity


Two post lift equipped with two long 3-stage arms and two long 4-stage arms: ideal to lift long wheel base vans and easy lifting of cars

Wide lifting range from smart car to Mercedes Sprinter 
Two motors and shaft design
4000KG lifting capacity