AC Hydraulic Jacking Beam

AC Hydraulic jacking beam available in both manual and air operated, suitable to fit any lift/pit.

Wide version available for lifting electric cars
Supplied & installed with accessories 
Available from 2000KG to 4000KG

AC Hydraulics Trolley Jacks

AC Hydraulics trolley jack available in standard, low profile & agriculture 

Options for quick speed lifting for fast paced enviroments
High quality danish design 
Lifting capacity from 1,300KG to 12,000KG

AC Hydraulic Engine Crane

AC Hydraulic quick folding engine crane.

360 degree swivel hook
Hand operated dead man lowering mechanism for safety  
Lifting capacity from 550KG to 2,500KG

AC Hydraulic Transmission Jack

Pedal operated AC Hydraulic transmission jack 

Suitable for cars & Vans
Galvanized saddle and base
Lifting capacity from 300KG to 1,200KG

AC Hydraulic Press

AC Hydraulic hand/electro-hydraulic press.

Easily adjustable and complete with accessories
Safety overload valve
16T to 100T capacity